Sean & Alex Engagement Shoot


We really enjoy engagement shoots. It’s a chance for us to connect with our couples in a low-stress environment, which allows them to also get used to our lousy jokes, and easy-going shooting style. We encourage all of our couples, regardless of the package they decide to book, to also hire us for an engagement session.

For Sean and Alex’s engagement session, we decided to take a short adventure to Plaza Blanca in Northern New Mexico. This place seriously looks like a cross between Mars and Mordor. What. 

Sean and Alex both just finished law school, so they were ready to have a little bit of fun. We took a little hike (in the heat, sorry guys), and found some incredible views. We were so enamored with the dresses that Alex wore from Anthropologie, plus the two of them have so much on-camera chemistry it’s crazy! 

We always have fun when we spend time with Sean and Alex- they like the same beer as we do, they have great taste in music, and they’re hilarious (and just nerdy enough to really get us…). We absolutely can’t want to shoot their wedding!